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Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines and programs to analyze received information, draw conclusions, and make decisions based on them. The main characteristic is the possibility to learn, accumulate knowledge and apply it. The availability of big data opens opportunities for AI deep learning and its implementation in any field, making the automation of many processes and increasing efficiency.

The development of artificial intelligence is happening too fast, while maintaining a tendency to increase speed. The share of companies’ revenue that is “AI-influenced” more than doubled between 2018 and 2021 and is expected to roughly triple between 2018 and 2024.

Machine learning goes hand in hand with AI development. The trained model by an ML specialist is easily integrated for AI training and on its basis are created more complex and highly specialized algorithms. AI and machine learning in interaction always give the most suitable result for solving business needs.

Amazinum offers the following AI-services:

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Your business can experiment with AI models, based on your company's data or ready-made data science models. These solutions can help companies build robust and intuitive AI applications.

Custom AI development

In case your company needs a special solution and the ready-made layout does not please you, Amazinum AI outsourcing company is most often turned to. We create custom AI solutions to meet all company's needs. A custom solution allows you to work with certain data, gives the opportunity to extend AI features and get high prediction's quality for specific data.

Web Scraping Services

Web scraping is one of the most effective methods of collecting a large amount of data that businesses need to better understand the market, customers and the growth of their own brand. The data are structured and categorized by AI and can be used to make important decisions. Why not try a test run of collecting some data for your business and see how it can benefit you.

AI Model Development & Training

If your company is ready to invest in artificial intelligence engineering, but does not have a specialist with relevant knowledge, it's high time to cooperate with AI outsourcing company.

AI & Business solutions

The availability of big data for deep learning will help to integrate AI into various key areas taking the automated technology with zero flaws and maximum efficiency:

Marketing & Advertising, E-commerce & Retail, Healthcare & Medicine, Entertainment.

E-commerce & Retail

Potential of AI in this area store owners can gain a new level of understanding customers and their needs. They get a possibility to predict the demand for a product and create personal offers based on the analysis of the customer's preferences and his previous purchases.


With the help of AI in healthcare, which knows how to combine symptoms and select possible diseases, doctors will be able to make diagnoses more accurately and spend less time on each patient. Accordingly, doctors can help more people in a certain period.

Marketing & advertising

AI in marketing allows to create an advertisement that will definitely succeed because they focus on previous customer experiences and take into account aspects of perception.
A clear segmentation of the audience is also created, which allows to show the right advertisements to the right people.

Using AI and ML for business needs can reduce time and costs, raise productivity and automatize a lot of processes. To be first and take the best place in the market more and more companies aggressively increase their AI-spending, because who invests more, has more benefit from.


This is an AI function of processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making. This allows to accumulate a lot of layered information and be used in each next action. Deep learning AI can learn without human supervision by relying on data that is both unstructured and unlabeled.

Data science follows the goal of extracting value from data. This is a broad term that includes many possibilities for working with data. ML is a tool of optimizing many processes to solve many business needs. Also it is actively used for data science processes. AI is often based on ML models with deep learning capability.

AI allows to simplify many processes due to the custom solution of business needs. Also, the introduction of new technologies helps to obtain new results and use them to create a development strategy. The possibility of deep learning allows to integrate AI in many areas and open up new opportunities.

Artificial intelligence significantly increases efficiency, it can perform repetitive work that requires precision, while a person will do other work that needs creative minds. Also, AI is often used to achieve business goals aimed at analyzing customers and expansion of the range of services.

Amazinum Portfolio

Check out a few of our recent projects

Enterprise SEO & content management platform: from data to action. How ML and AI leverage KPI in marketing

Enterprise SEO & content management platform: from data to action. How ML and AI leverage KPI in marketing

Check out how enterprise marketing company has teamed up with Amazinum Data Scientists to

  • Implement machine learning for in-depth keyword research;
  • Provide actionable semantic insights with the help of ML model;
  • Assist with Data Science consulting;
  • Improve customer support services.


Learn about technology stack we use to implement data science:

Programming languages:

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for data analysis
and processing:
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for creating solutions:

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for API development:

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for visualization:

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Deploying solutions:

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Cloud Solutions:

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