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Amazinum is a top outsource data science company. Let us navigate your business through the data lake to effective solutions and services for your end user

Machine Learning

Let our ML experts enable you to grow your business both in scale and scope. Improve accuracy, drive opportunities to bring real value to your company and customers.

Data Analysis

Let’s streamline your data analysis processes with our Data Science Consultant. We provide you with reliable experts in big data, ML, AI, BI to design and develop your data management strategy.

Data Engineering

Data literacy, collection, and infrastructure management should be accomplished prior to building intelligent data products. Let Amazinum Data Science Company do it best to manage all data engineering workflow for your business.

Python Development

Looking for skilled Python developers? Amazinum is a reliable Python development company and provides highly-professional back-end specialists to join your team.

Amazinum Portfolio

Check out a few of our recent projects

E-commerce monitoring & intelligence platform drives 2x growth helping Amazon businesses on various markets

Well-known e-commerce platform has applied to Amazinum data science company to implement machine learning algorithms in order to

  • Improve product ratings and increase sales;
  • Compare the amount of products with competitors;
  • Improve sales strategy;
  • Analyze traffic and easily predict stock trends;
  • Monitor the price dynamics of competitors and retailers .
E-commerce monitoring & intelligence platform drives 2x growth helping Amazon businesses on various markets
Enterprise SEO & content management platform: from data to action. How ML and AI leverage KPI in marketing

Enterprise SEO & content management platform: from data to action. How ML and AI leverage KPI in marketing

Check out how enterprise marketing company has teamed up with Amazinum Data Scientists to

  • Implement machine learning for in-depth keyword research;
  • Provide actionable semantic insights with the help of ML model;
  • Assist with Data Science consulting;
  • Improve customer support services.

Our Industry Focus

Our industry knowledge and background give our clients and partners confidence that we understand their business. Here we highlighted a few top industries we are good at, penetrating to the smallest details and nuances of a certain branch.

Visualisation of E-Commerce

E-commerce & Retail

We successfully adopt data science in e-commerce and retail industry to reduce spendings, increase sales, and improve customer journey, etc. Let’s build together

  • Image recognition for plagiarism detection
  • Computer vision for wise product recommendation
  • Predictive analytics for price analysis
  • NLP for customer analysis
  • Logistics and supply chain management


Nowadays, healthcare sector is seizing a chance to foster innovations and adopt various data science solutions like

  • Data-powered predictive system
  • Medical image analysis(anomaly detection, image processing algorithms)
  • Distant healthcare monitoring
  • NLP electronic health records
  • Big data analytics
Visualisation of Healthcare
Marketing & Advertising Visualisation

Marketing & advertising

Data science is applied to the marketing and advertising industry to generate considerable advantage. Amazinum Team can bring a wealth of experience to your company providing:

  • Big data analytics
  • Predictive analytics systems
  • High-performing AI marketing solutions
  • Machine learning techniques to improve ads relevance
  • Personalized user experience
  • Customer segmentation

Partners & Clients

We deeply appreciate our partners for cooperation. Every member of the Amazinum Team does their best to provide the highest quality of services and solutions. We satisfy all your needs and requirements.

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Learn about technology stack we use to implement data science:

Programming languages:

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Deploying solutions:

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