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Fraud Detection in E-Commerce

Fraud in e-commerce is probably the biggest fear of all business owners, statistics show that about 36 percent of companies take it into account. According to a study by NACS, for every dollar written off by fraud, retailers lose $3.60. The trade industry has seen great changes and difficulties over

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Machine Learning for E-Commerce: Sales Prediction

The retail industry was one of the first to adapt to the rapid implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in life. That is why it has gained such a great advantage among other fields because it has not only rethought its sales system but also the way we buy.  In order

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Data Science in Maritime Industry: Restructuring of Processes

There is no doubt that shipping is one of the most popular ways of transporting goods and materials to and from different parts of the world. This can be confirmed by the stable demand, which rises rapidly from time to time. And of course, this industry makes a considerable contribution

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