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Smart Finance: Harnessing AI and ML for Document Digitization with OCR and NLP Technology

Smart Finance: Harnessing AI and ML for Document Digitization with OCR and NLP Technology
Harnessing AI for Video Content Moderation
Harnessing AI for Video Content Moderation
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Data Engineering For an American Clothing Company

Chat bot Prew

The Chat-bot for
Technological Company

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LLM System for Creating 
Assets for Marketing Campaigns

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Smart Eyes: The Integration of AI and ML in Surveillance Cameras for Enhanced Security

Beyond Monitoring: The Power of AI and ML in Construction Site Surveillance

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Virtual Reality Helmets: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Healthcare for Enhanced Patient Experience
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Sleep Tech Evolved: The Impact of Analysis Systems in Mattresses on Personalized Sleep Health
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for SEO & Content Management Software

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Machine Learning in Retail: Grocery Product Recognition in Hypermarkets
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E-commerce monitoring & intelligence platform drives 2x growth helping Amazon businesses on various markets

Vitaliy Fedorovych

CEO, Data Scientist at Amazinum

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