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The Reason to Act Now

In the security and safety industry, AI and ML can be a game-changer, enhancing and automating various services to improve security measures and incident prevention. Since this area is directly related to daily operations, there are only more people interested in increasing the level of security.

AI and ML allow you to have constant control over the security situation and instantly react to threats, eliminating them locally. Also, these technologies make it possible to make predictions about possible dangers and to prevent them. This area will always develop steadily, as it is very important for the preservation of life and property.

AI and ML Services

Predictive maintenance

Threat assessment and analysis

Monitoring of potential risks

Behavior analytics

Behavior-based authentication

Biometric authentication

Access control systems


Intrusion detection

Emergency response optimization

Video surveillance

Fire and smoke detection

Drone surveillance

Impact of AI and ML on Safety & Security

AI and ML are having a huge impact on the industry, allowing us to predict and prevent dangerous situations. It is also important to reduce the response time to threats, which these tools successfully cope with.

Predictive maintenance

The security systems are always operational because AI predicts equipment failures and maintenance needs. Enhance the system’s reliability with our team! Avoid errors and unexpected failures. It is always better to anticipate and fix it than to deal with more complex consequences.

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Threat assessment and analysis

AI can process vast amounts of data to identify anomalies and create predictive analysis. That contributes to the readiness to oppose problems if it will appear and eliminate potential threats and vulnerabilities. Feel protected from unforeseen breakdowns by integrating AI tools.

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Behavior analytics

AI and ML algorithms automatically analyze data from cameras in public spaces to identify potential threats or unusual activities. Enhanced security at airports, train stations, and other high-traffic areas needs implementing technologies for safety. We develop the required software to raise the security level of public places.

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Behavior-based authentication

Implementing AI and ML technologies allows for enhanced authentication and fraud detection for digital security. Our team helps you to secure your activities in the digital environment to prevent the loss of money and valuable data.

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Biometric authentication

AI-driven biometric systems for fingerprint, retina, and voice recognition provide secure and convenient access control.

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Access control systems

Facial recognition for access control, replacing traditional keycards or PINs. Real-time monitoring of access points prevents unauthorized entries. This way you can also increase the level of security to be sure that only authorized users have access. Expand your range of services through the implementation of AI tools!

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AI-driven tools can monitor network traffic and identify potential cyber threats. Thanks to ML untypical activity is detected very quickly, and the system responds automatically and mitigates cyberattacks in real-time.

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Intrusion detection

AI and ML algorithms can analyze data from sensors and cameras to detect intruders. Fixing atypical activity you will receive immediate alerts and automated responses to potential threats. Make safety with Amazinum.

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Emergency response optimization

AI can optimize emergency response routes for law enforcement, fire, and medical services. In that way, we do not waste precious time and can reduce the consequences of the situation that has arisen. Integrate this solution now!

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Video surveillance

AI-powered cameras can detect suspicious behavior, recognize faces, and identify objects of interest. 24-hour surveillance allows to control the situation on an object from anywhere and take necessary safety measures automatically.

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Fire and smoke detection

AI can detect early signs of fires or smoke in real-time through image analysis. Besides the notification system also triggers fire suppression systems. In that way, we can prevent danger before it does too much damage or gets out of control.

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Drone surveillance

AI-enabled drones can provide real-time aerial surveillance for large areas. It works well for crowd monitoring, search and rescue, and remote monitoring of infrastructure. Why don’t you try this solution?

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Companies that already use AI and ML

The use of AI and ML in this field has been growing rapidly.
Here are some examples of companies that incorporate these into their services:

FaceFirst specializes in facial recognition technology for security purposes, that is also used in retail applications, law enforcement, and public safety.

Avigilon integrated AI into video analytics for its security solutions. Their products include advanced video surveillance with analytics for improved safety.

Bosch uses AI and ML in its video surveillance and analytics, intrusion detection, and access control.

Cognitec specializes in face recognition technology for various applications, including security and law enforcement.

Athena Security uses AI for video analytics in real-time to detect threats and prevent them in time. The company has focused on improving security in various environments.

Qognify provides solutions like video management and analytics for security and safety applications, including intelligent video surveillance and incident management.

Amazinum Portfolio

How it comes to life with Amazinum team:

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Smart Eyes: The Integration of AI and ML in Surveillance Cameras for Enhanced Security

Beyond Monitoring: The Power of AI and ML in Construction Site Surveillance

Advantages of engaging the Amazinum company



We offer you our 
7 years of expertise in data science.


ML Engineers

We have a large talent pool of 
highly-skilled ML engineers of Middle and Senior-level professionals.


Active Projects

Our team has successfully connected Machine Learning Engineers to technical departments in more than 19 companies.

Benefits of engaging Amazinum

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Customer orientation

The main task of our team is to satisfy the client’s interests. We are attentive to needs and data, focused on supporting communications and constant updates, and focused on quality results.

Clarity of execution

Amazinum offers clear deadlines, organized work, regular updates, adjustment of the project to the needs and resources of the client, and a comfortable work process.

Attractive prices and excellent quality

Amazinum uses the client’s resources efficiently and intelligently. High-quality service and development, optimization of resources, and qualified specialists – all this ensures comfortable cooperation and a successful product at the end.

An attractive partnership

Amazinum values long-term partnerships. 
We strive to satisfy every customer and provide them not only with a successful product but also with quality service. We offer data security, loyalty, transparency, flexibility, and communication, which will ultimately lead to the realization of the client’s idea.

Transform your business with Amazinum

We offer you technical expertise that can meet the needs of different domains from healthcare to logistics. Discover the power of digital technology for your business.

Amazinum will provide you with an experienced, qualified specialist who can help you turn your business around and become a leader among your competitors.

What We Do Best: Our Expertise


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Vitaliy Fedorovych

CEO, Data Scientist at Amazinum

Vitaliy Fedorovych contact us photo

Hello there!

Amazinum Team assists you through all data science development processes:
from data collection to valuable insights generation.
Get in touch with our CEO and Data Scientist to figure out the next move together

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