ChatGPT: Engine of Progress

ChatGPT is a rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and it forced progress in many areas and spurred the transformation of businesses. But it is only the first steps. What has already been passed, and what is still waiting for us? Let’s figure it out together.

What Has Changed?

Chatbots based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology have opened up many opportunities in various fields. Here are the main changes and improvements they brought:

Chatbots on GPT - Generative Pre-trained Transformer

With the help of GPT technology, many fields have gained access to more advanced tools for automation, improving user interaction and optimizing business processes.

Where Did GPT Become Widespread?

GPT has influenced many industries. GPT brings many advantages and takes on many tasks. Its presence is most felt in the following areas:

Internet marketing and advertising

  • creating effective text content, advertisements and social media materials 
  • providing a personalized approach to consumers

ChatGPT can be used to personalize advertising based on unique responses. The model collects data and each new result is more accurate and suitable than the previous one. Through this strategy, advertising will meet individual customers’ preferences and needs. The advertisers also can divide their promotions to specific segments of the target audience. As a result, we show more effective and relevant advertising.


  • creating learning materials
  • providing personalized support for students
  • automating assessment processes

In addition to explaining the material and providing answers to questions, the chatGPT can play the role of a guide or teacher, thus simplifying the education process. It gives clear answers and additional explanations if necessary. In that time teachers can use chatGPT to check assignments more quickly, create their own study materials, and select the most relevant information they need to prepare a lesson.

Customer service

  • providing automated customer support through websites and apps

For the area of customer support, chatGPT offers global optimization. First, maintaining staff costs less – chatGPT can answer frequently asked questions. Secondly, it can work 24\7 providing customers with information and at the same time increasing the level of customer satisfaction from service. As a result, companies can hire far fewer staff that will handle only difficult issues and shift all other work to chatGPT, while increasing the company’s positive perception.


  • creating content faster

For the media industry, it is always important to regularly create content, which can be problematic and time-consuming given today’s flow of information. ChatGPT can help find the necessary data and create a draft, thereby taking some of the work on yourself. It is also a good editor who gets the job done quickly. Media workers only need their own creativity and chatGPT-results control. In this case, business owners save money, while receiving the same volume of work and, accordingly, success.


  • processing medical data 
  • generating medical reports
  • providing medical advice

The healthcare industry has been using the latest technology for a long time, and chatGPT is a good helper to avoid monotonous work and make better progress. Now it processes medical data and fills out patient records in cooperation with computer vision and NLP. Furthermore, it processes customer requests to provide the necessary information or to refer to the right specialist. In addition, neural networks allow you to train a model for more professional and important support for doctors – the chatGPT can help with medical advice and notice those moments that may be missed by the doctor simply due to human inattention.

Financial sector

  • analyzing financial data 
  • processing customer requests
  • overcoming fraudsters

With its ability to analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns and trends, GPT is being used to improve customer service, risk management, fraud detection, and underwriting in the financial services industry. It is a strong barrier from fraud that provides a high-security level and detects atypicality before the onset of a negative situation with financial losses.


  • preparing documents 
  • searching for information
  • resolving legal issues

ChatGPT ‘s performance progress demonstrates that it can understand a fact pattern, explain relevant statutes and cases, and apply the law to the facts. Workers in this field can use it to find the information they need or to see possible solutions to their issues and then check them manually.

Linguistics and translation

  • improving the quality of machine translation
  • helping in language studies and linguistic research

ChatGPT could potentially be used to create real-time, high-quality translations of spoken or written text.


  • analyzing scientific articles 
  • selecting the literature 
  • generating scientific texts

ChatGPT is a good assistant for research. It can find information, additional materials and literature you need. It is possible to summarize information and generate ideas.

With the development of technology, its application will expand in other areas.

The Connection of Chat GPT With AI

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT chat) is one of the implementations of Artificial Intelligence. So what connects them?

ML: GPT chat is based on machine learning methods. The model is trained on large volumes of data that allow it to understand language and logic. Then we can use that knowledge to generate text-based answers to user questions.

Text recognition: AI can use GPT chatbots to recognize and understand user text input. This can be an important component of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) artificial intelligence system. Also, it provides better language generation – with its advanced language generation capabilities, ChatGPT produces coherent, contextually accurate, and grammatically correct text in multiple languages, and it is always in the progress of upgrading.

Application in intelligent systems: GPT chat can be integrated into various intelligent systems and applications that use AI. It can provide the ability to communicate with such systems and perform tasks that require text understanding.

User support and interaction: GPT chat can serve as an interface for users, allowing them to get information, solve tasks, or even just have a dialogue with an artificial intelligence system. This makes interacting with AI technologies more accessible to ordinary users.

Improving AI: GPT-like models can be used to improve other artificial intelligence systems, such as recognition systems, recommender systems, and many others.

GPT and artificial intelligence are closely related. GPT can be an important element in the implementation of intelligent systems and applications that use AI to understand and interact with people.

Amazinum Experience

Amazinum team was working with GPT from OpenAI for plenty of projects. Usually, GPT models were used for interaction with users or analyzing user responses or reviews.

One project we completed required the usage of GPT-3 to analyze the quality of user marketing poll responses by analyzing the grammar, depth and relevancy of user responses. For that, we fine-tuned GPT models on a collected and manually labeled dataset of poll questions and responses. The model is able to predict a score for new unseen answers and questions, therefore it could be used to improve the quality of user responses. During the development, we observed a handful of edge-case scenarios when the model was confused and gave good scores to nonsense answers, each such scenario was handled by adding additional synthetical samples to a training dataset or by using additional preprocessing.

Another project required to use of ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) in order to create a chatbot that could recommend products to users from a website. For that chatbot queried users’ data for client needs detection. This happened until it could summarize all the answers and user requirements that are passed to a neural network. Then were chosen products that should satisfy users the most. As a result, the chatbot recommends products to a user with a short description and reasons why each product was recommended.

Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages of using GPT-based chatbots: 

GPT-based chatbots

Overall, GPT chatbots have great potential to improve user experience and automate many tasks, but their use also requires careful design and tuning to achieve the best results.


In general, ChatGPT is perceived as an assistant and a tool that is incredibly powerful and useful. Each new version of ChatGPT is far better than things we’ve had in the past. Nowadays it produces information that’s accurate 58% of the time, but this assessment will only be higher with new versions. Also, the enhanced performance, utility, and user experience of ChatGPT and other conversational AI models make them more effective in various applications and industries. 

Compared to earlier models, the latest version of ChatGPT boasts several key improvements and innovations. ChatGPT can already now better comprehend and respond to complex and nuanced inputs, making it more effective in generating accurate and relevant text. While still not completely free of biases, ChatGPT benefits from ongoing efforts to minimize biases in training data, leading to more objective and balanced outputs. Also, it can be fine-tuned for specific tasks and applications, allowing it to be tailored to the unique needs of researchers across various scientific disciplines.

ChatGPT has already made significant contributions to the advancement of scientific research and has the potential to drive progress in the field in the future. We should expect only an increase in the accuracy and efficiency of models, which will give people more advantages and allow to automate and simplify many processes.

To sum up..

ChatGPT has already attracted attention to his progress and managed to touch virtually every industry. The improvements and benefits of its application along with human labor are clearly visible.

GPT is a bridge between humans and artificial intelligence. It drives business development and provides new opportunities. Do not delay and contact us to get all the benefits of using artificial intelligence and ChatGPT for your business.

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