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About the Client

The company, which partnered with our Amazinum data science team, allows you to fully reveal the potential of search optimization, expand statistics and improve work processes in marketing.

Besides, marketers can evaluate the performance of keywords and optimize the useful ones, increase the effectiveness of their site, track the ranking of keywords, and evaluate the power of their content with the help of reporting and analysis. All this allows you to improve profitability, increase sales, and attract new customers.

Business Context

Our collaboration with the client started in 2020 when we became a part of the team to develop ML and AI solutions for SEO and content management software. Since then, our data science team has been engaged in developing AI and ML software solutions and improving operational performance, in particular

  • Data science consulting
  • Data engineering
  • Keyword research and clustering
  • Project health solution

Automated SEO Keyword Clustering

Obviously, our clients deal with keyword research regularly. Keyword clustering and keyword grouping let them set up the priorities, filter the relevant and irrelevant keywords, and analyze the most profitable ones.
The Amazinum Data Scientist together with Data Engineer uses two clustering algorithms to reach the optimal results:

  • Agglomerative clustering, which works based on the differences between the objects to be grouped, and
  • Kmeans clustering when the data set is divided into predefined K distinct, non-overlapping subgroups where each data set belongs to only one group.

As a result, the implementation of machine learning algorithms allows users to evaluate keywords, analyze them, and build the most profitable semantic kernel. The companies can use metrics to access quality models and compare multiple algorithms.

Title Generator

One of the key developments of our clients was the implementation of the idea of ​​creating automated writing of unique titles that would take into account the popularity of already existing models and create their success. That is why we used the Open AI GPT-3 model. GPT-3 is a powerful autoregressive language generation model that uses deep learning to generate human-like text. In this way, the program analyzed the titles of the first three pages in the query and created a title based on them that used the same signs of popularity. The use of this type of service has significantly reduced the time spent by marketers on analyzing trends or competitors, creating a cool headline. Instead, it allowed us to focus our resources on content.

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Categorize goods according to certain ranks and can track them.

One of our first tasks was to use Machine Learning algorithms to develop keyword categorization based on semantic similarity. For this, we used NLTK – a huge platform that provides a set of text-processing libraries for classification, tokenization, base formation, tagging, syntactic analysis, semantic reasoning, etc. With its help, we could trace the connections between things. The received data had to be converted into vector representations of discrete changes – that is, embedded. Thanks to this, we received similar products – according to similar vectors. Therefore, each keyword received its classification based on semantic features..

Develop a pipeline that would collect data and select the most plausible ones. The data provided to us was validated, after which it was agreed upon the most likely. We came up with certain algorithms that included historical data. Data Amazinum engineer wrote a pipeline that collected this data, cleaned it, and recorded the correct ones.


With the help of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Engineering, the service of our customers could implement new functions and solutions so that the end user received high-quality and accurate information.

Thanks to the improvements and tools implemented by the Amazinum team, the user got the opportunity to:

  • Investigate the relevance of the keywords;
  • Create a website that will be noticeable and popular;
  • Get a report on the performance of your influence on global search engines;
  • Get information about the digital visibility of the use of keywords by any ranks you need.
  • To better understand user behavior in search engines and social networks to perform better yourself.

This automation allows Marketers and SEOs to focus more on content without spending time on analysis or research. Artificial Intelligence will cope with boring tasks much faster and more accurately. This allows users to save resources, use accurate data, and be more creative. Replacing manual work with automated work is the cure for your marketing.

Technologies: python, flask, sklearn, pandas, tensorflow, BeautifulSoup


Vitaliy Fedorovych

CEO, Data Scientist at Amazinum

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