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About the Client

The company, which partnered with our Amazinum data science team, allows you to fully reveal the potential of search optimization, expand statistics, and improve work processes in marketing.

Besides, marketers can evaluate the performance of keywords and optimize the useful ones, increase the effectiveness of their site, track the ranking of keywords, and evaluate the power of their content with the help of reporting and analysis. All this allows you to improve profitability, increase sales, and attract new customers.

Business Context

Our collaboration with the client started in 2020, when we became a part of the team to develop ML and AI solutions for SEO and content management software. Since then, our data science team has been engaged in developing AI and ML software solutions and improving operational performance, in particular

  • Data science consulting
  • Data Engineering
  • Keyword research and clusterin
  • Project health solution
  • Extracting keywords
  • Summarizing the text

Amazinum in Action: LLM

To extract keywords, the Data Scientists team used an API to access a specific model. For this task, we used GPT-3 Davinci.

After that, the Davinci models were fine-tuned to obtain the result desired by the client, the largest and most powerful model with 175 billion parameters and 45 TB of text data. In this way, the desired result was obtained.

To summarize the text, our specialists used ready-made models – GPT-3 Davinci, and GPT-3.5.

Also, we the used GPT-3 ada model to translate texts into embeddings and compare the semantic similarity between them.

Outcome of Implementing LLM for SEO & Content Management Software

Improved Content Understanding

Thanks to LLMs’ deeper analysis and comprehension of content, content can be better categorized, tagged, and arranged inside management systems. As a result, content recommendations and search results are more accurate.

Effective Keyword Extraction

Compared to conventional techniques, LLMs can extract keywords from text with greater efficiency, which enhances SEO tactics and content discoverability.

Better Text Synopsis

Long texts can be condensed into concise summaries by LLMs, saving readers and content creators both time and effort.

Customized Content Suggestions

Personalized recommendations can be made by LLMs based on analysis of user behavior and content preferences, which boosts user satisfaction and engagement.

Language Translation and Semantic Similarity

Multilingual content management and information retrieval can benefit from the use of LLMs such as GPT-3 ada for language translation and semantic similarity comparisons between texts.

Scalability and Flexibility

LLMs are flexible tools for content management software because they can be easily scaled to accommodate a wide range of content management tasks and languages.

Enhanced Operational Performance

LLMs can enhance the general operational performance of content management software by automating processes like text summarization and keyword extraction, freeing up time for other crucial duties.


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CEO, Data Scientist at Amazinum

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