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About the Client

Our client is a successful company that provides technological solutions and technological products.

Business Context

Specialists joined our client’s developers to help implement AI and ML solutions for the company’s expertise. Before us was the task of creating a chatbot, which required work with LLM systems.

Amazinum in Action

The client provided Amazinum Data Scientists with files with the necessary data. Our specialists processed this data and converted the necessary files into embeddings. With the help of QA, we extracted the necessary piece of text with the answers and ran it through the GPT-4.


The models (GPT-4, GPT-3 Davinci, GPT3 ada) were accessed through an API key provided to registered customers on the OpenAI website. QA was extracted from the Haystack module, is more tuned to specific settings, and is more convenient for using QA tasks.


For chatbot communication, specialists used GPT-4. To better search for answers in client documents, the text was translated into embeddings (GPT-3 ada), and working with them, a ready-made model was obtained that could respond to the relevant requests.


Chatbot deployments have the potential to improve a business’s performance in many areas, including customer relations, operational effectiveness, and overall business performance. The following are the main results that companies should anticipate when integrating a chatbot:

Enhanced Interaction with Customers:

Chatbots encourage active customer engagement by offering prompt, customized responses. Positive brand perception and increased customer satisfaction can result from this instantaneous interaction.

Constantly Available:

Chatbots are always on duty, providing clients with ongoing assistance outside of regular business hours. Customers are guaranteed to have access to information and support whenever they need it, thanks to this availability.

Cost Savings:

By eliminating the need for additional customer support employees, chatbot automation of repetitive tasks can result in significant cost savings. Businesses are able to allocate resources more effectively as a result.

Effective Automation of Tasks:

Chatbots are particularly good at processing orders, responding to frequently asked questions, and delivering basic information. By streamlining processes, this automation frees up human resources for more difficult jobs.

Enhanced Customer Assistance:

Chatbots help to expedite customer query resolution and response times. They are able to manage numerous inquiries at once, guaranteeing that clients get accurate and timely information.


Without requiring a corresponding increase in resources, chatbots can handle an increasing volume of customer interactions. Scalability like this is especially helpful for companies whose clientele is in and out of season.

Time and Material Effectiveness:

Chatbots answer routine questions, freeing up human agents to work on more difficult and valuable tasks. Employee skill utilization increases, and overall operational efficiency is enhanced as a result.


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CEO, Data Scientist at Amazinum

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