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Big Data

Increase your income using big data analytics solutions. 
The Amazinum team provides you with big data services that will revolutionize your company and improve your business strategy.

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What is Big Data & how can you Benefit with the wise Big Data Solutions?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines and programs to analyze received information, draw conclusions, and make decisions based on them. The main characteristic is the possibility to learn, accumulate knowledge and apply it. The availability of big data opens opportunities for AI deep learning and its implementation in any field, making the automation of many processes and increasing efficiency.

In plain words, big data is the information that, with its huge volume, continues to grow exponentially. Such kits require special tools for managing, processing, and storing data. Even 20 years ago, it was difficult to imagine how much data would be passed on the Internet every second.

What gives such a large amount of data? The main task for every manager is to improve his business. Working with big data creates all the conditions for this.

What Do You Get from Machine Learning Development Services?

Better research of your client

Improving communication with the client

Obtaining competitive advantages

Debugging and automation of processes

Developing the potential of your business

Increasing business efficiency

Big Data Analysis Solutions

The Amazinum team has vast experience working with big data and can offer you solutions that will save your resources, improve your business and allow you to at least double your revenue.

We will help you find the best way to process, analyze and understand the information provided.

Big Data Consulting

Let Amazinum Data Science Consultants provide you with a profound analysis of your big data infrastructure, architecture, data storage, etc. to build the basis of your data-driven management.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Amazinum`s Data Science team will help you develop clear statistical graphs, charts, historical curves, etc. to achieve the highest understanding of your customers and increase your company’s success.

Real-Time & Near Real-Time Analytics

Let the Amazinum team set up your data analytics using a convenient interval for you. This will allow you to follow all trends and improve existing services.

Data Storage, Data Lakes Management

The Amazinum team of Data Scientists will help you organize the vast amount of big data sets, including a combination of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, to create a foundation for further operations and management.

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Why Do You Need Big Data ?

Get in-depth information

Massive data sets provide more meaningful insights that help you better understand customer behavior, market trends, and other important aspects that may be overlooked by other data analysis.

Be warned about the risks

Big data analytics has many advantages in identifying and managing risks. Thanks to this, you will be able to develop effective strategies to mitigate these risks.

Engage with your customer

By analyzing the behavior of your customers, you will be able to adapt your services/products/services or marketing strategies according to their needs and expectations. This will help customers to be more loyal to your business and get more satisfaction from the interaction.

Become leaders in your industry

Using Big Data will give you a huge competitive advantage. Thus, you will be able to get information about market trends, competitor strategies, and other opportunities open to your business faster than your competitors.

Efficiency of efforts

Identify inefficient processes and optimize them. This will help you save money, improve resource allocation and increase overall efficiency.

Make informed decisions

Big data will provide you with more accurate information, help shed light on insights and build a strategy that will allow your business to become a leader.

Use cases of Big Data

Fraud detection

For businesses, big data analytics can help detect fraudulent activity faster and more efficiently. Our Data Scientists can collect and analyze large volumes of data from transactions or other customer activity and identify anomalies or patterns that would indicate illegal activity. In addition to helping companies identify and prevent fraud risks, big data analytics can also be used to monitor activity and flag unusual or suspicious transactions. For example, companies can identify high-risk customers and take appropriate measures to prevent fraud by analyzing customer behavior data.

Real-time resource management

Big data analytics will help you optimize many processes related to inventory management, as well as facilitate access to information about demand trends, customer transactions, and other factors. With this, you can better understand your customers, adjust inventory levels and prices based on demand, or predict and avoid supply chain disruptions.

Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting is important for every enterprise and business because thanks to it you can optimize production, optimize efforts and direct more resources to a trending product or service. In addition, our Data Scientists will help you identify potential fluctuations in advance, thanks to which you can quickly adapt to market conditions and respond to trends and threats.

Customer insights

Big Data analytics can provide you with valuable information about customer behavior and preferences, based on demographics, unique preferences, characteristics, and segments that will help you customize your communications with your users and tailor your services to their needs. Create personalized marketing campaigns aimed specifically at your customer and win their trust and loyalty to your business.

Automated targeted advertising

Businesses use big data analytics to create targeted advertising campaigns based on information about customer behavior, interests, and purchasing patterns. This will allow you to better understand your buyer and optimize your advertising campaign in real time. Thanks to this, you will reduce your advertising costs while attracting your customers and getting a better result.

Big Data Services & Solutions Use Cases

The fever of big data has led to the widespread popularity of their use and implementation in their services. That’s why successful companies and marketers are already using big data, enabling them to make faster and better business decisions.

Here are some examples to consider.


The hotel business industry in the modern world remains one of the most popular or important areas of tourism. That’s why they also use big data solutions to improve their services and generate more revenue. The Marriott hotels are leaders in their field. Their main tools are dynamic pricing. How does it work? With the help of big data, they analyze the economic situation, weather, user behavior, reservations, availability of services and much more. This led to an increase in their income per room by as much as 5%. At the same time, The Marriott hotels is so fanatical about working with big data that they follow the concert program at Madison Square Garden and thus adjust rates. What about registration with face recognition? The Marriott hotels are also implementing this technology. Now the waiting time at the reception is reduced. Moreover, the rooms have Amazon Echos, so that owners can receive valuable information about the problems and wishes of their guests.


McDonald’s is one of those companies that uses modern technology at the slightest opportunity. One of such technologies is artificial intelligence and big data, thanks to which the fast food restaurant becomes as customer-oriented as possible. McDonald’s services store customer data and then use it for further recommendations, advertising and suggestions. Data on store traffic, sales data, order templates, and customer behavior are also collected. Moreover, with the help of drive-thru, they study the presence of customers to determine when there will be a surge of customers and prepare for it. All of these big data collections improve the customer experience and help improve your services.


Airbnb is one of those companies that improves its business with the help of big data algorithms. Gathering information has become much easier and helps them increase the effectiveness of their own marketing. Based on big data solutions, Airbnb collects information and manages geographic metrics. Thanks to this, their service was able to attract more customers and develop comfortable conditions for use.

American Express

It is extremely important for a multinational payment company that works with a huge number of customers to protect its customers from fraud, anticipate customer behavior and analyze it. That’s why big data is the core of a company’s decision making. American Express integrates modern forecasting models based on revised transactions and introduces more than a hundred variables. Big data algorithms are also used by the company in the fight against fraud. Thus, the company retains its customers and establishes their trust.


Every detail of the information they receive from their customers is important for this commercial platform. It is going to form a certain advertising algorithm and strengthen the relationship with the customer by constantly improving all services and products. Big data allows Amazon to use the recommendations to facilitate the customer’s work and improve the shopping experience. In addition, big data is used to process product prices. The company can change its prices up to 2.5 million times a day. All this helps to increase profits, receive 35% of annual sales and attract more customers.


Accuweather has approached the issue of working with big data more globally, and turned it into a whole service. Weather can be a useful tool in the hands of the right brands, which is why Accuweather has found a way to use this mechanism for their own benefit. They created an online platform where developers could purchase API keys and implement them in their projects.


An American retail company uses big data algorithms to properly distribute and personalize coupons. For good customer contact, they need to clearly define the coupon delivery timeline and customer data to receive. This makes The Kroger an example of how big data improves a company’s performance and makes it more efficient. The return rate of Kruger coupons is constantly ahead of the industry average by more than 60%.

The Economist

For this weekly newspaper, working with big data is a top priority. It is important for them to understand what their readers want and build relationships with them. Using big data allows you to manage customer preferences and manage their recommendations. As a result, subscription rates have risen sharply, but the implementation of big data solutions has allowed us to find the right marketing offers to serve customers and improve our own service.


Amazinum Portfolio

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Amazinum Team assists you through all data science development processes:
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Vitaliy Fedorovych

CEO, Data Scientist at Amazinum

Vitaliy Fedorovych contact us photo

Hello there!

Amazinum Team assists you through all data science development processes:
from data collection to valuable insights generation.
Get in touch with our CEO and Data Scientist to figure out the next move together

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