Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

We use GCP, and AWS technologies to develop and configure cloud infrastructure. Amazinum experts will help you, train models, create data, and manage cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud solutions or cloud computing or cloud services are a range of IT applications and resources that are provided on demand to organizations or clients. The most popular service providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. These kinds of platforms can provide their providers with applications, data centers, and more for a fee.

Cloud solutions allow you to increase or decrease IT resources in accordance with business needs and requirements. Thanks to cloud solutions, you can get quick access to flexible IT resources. This will allow you to work without attracting large initial investments and provide the enterprise with exactly the type of resources that are necessary to satisfy their initiatives and work effectively.

Cloud service management is provided by cloud computing service providers. Since they are provided from the provider’s services, companies can host applications on cloud services.







private Cloud

public Cloud

hybrid Cloud

Types of Cloud Services

Amazinum’s team of specialists will help you implement Cloud Services in your business.


End users

OS and application software


Infrastructure and network achitects

Server, storage and network


Application developers

OS and application software, server, storage and network

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model of software distribution that involves its licensing to customers. An annual or monthly subscription, which can be scaled if additional resources are needed, is provided to the client in accordance with business requirements. This cloud service model is the most recognized, thanks to the programs of providers operating in the cloud infrastructure.

Among the services offered by the SaaS model are file storage, a data backup system, web-based e-mail, and project management tools. Cloud provisioning is distributed using the application’s cloud architecture. Cloud infrastructure consists of an operating system, network, servers, storage and other applications.


App Server






Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a kind of cloud infrastructure foundation that provides a method of delivering virtual and physical IT infrastructure and network functions to customers. IaaS provides the infrastructure that is the basis for creating new technologies and hosting cloud services, and includes the structure of the data center.

IaaS services may include raw block storage, file and object storage, load balancing, application firewalls, virtual machine disk image libraries, software packages, virtual local area networks (VLANs), and IP addresses. The Amazinum team will help you deploy the software on cloud infrastructure platforms and handle its maintenance and control. Maintenance of servers and storage of network infrastructure is carried out by IaaS providers.

IaaS providers include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2);
  • Microsoft Azure – Azure virtual machines;
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Compute Engine;
  • IBM Cloud;
  • Alibaba Cloud – Alibaba Elastic Compute Service;
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.



Data Centr Infrastructure


System Engineers

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides tools for building software over the web. It is considered the most complex of the three levels of cloud computing. The Paas computing platform includes a database, an operating system, web servers, a network, and a programming language runtime that users can use to develop cloud software and mobile applications. However, unlike other platforms, PaaS requires complex development, as technologies such as application programming interface (API), automation, routing, orchestration, and containerization require ongoing support.

PaaS providers include software development, testing, delivery, and management. The services can be shared over the Internet, scale automatically, and allow customers to forgo the investment in underlying software and hardware required to develop applications.

Notable PaaS providers include:

  • Microsoft Azure;
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk;
  • Google App Engine;
  • Salesforce aPaaS;
  • Red Hat OpenShift PaaS;
  • IBM cloud platform;
  • Oracle Cloud Platform.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud Services

Available Value

Cloud services help customers avoid overinvesting in IT hardware and software infrastructure by providing easy access to cloud storage, application software, and backup tools. This eliminates the need for hardware maintenance and software updates. Take capital costs and turn them into operating costs.


The convenient use of cloud services allows you to reduce costs, provide processing power that meets the demand and easily maintain the required model. You can unsubscribe at any time. The Amazinum team will help you with this.


One of the most valuable features of cloud services is the ability to scale according to business needs. IT resources and software are provided by cloud service providers and protect the organization from extra investments. In this case, scalability is available in two ways:

  • by increasing user licenses
  • improvement of application software
Data Security

Thanks to the latest and effective security measures, because a huge amount of data passes through their cloud systems. Data security is an important and responsible function. Thanks to a distributed architecture that can absorb, filter, and reject malicious requests that pose a threat to the system, you can not worry about your information and fully trust cloud systems.

High Productivity

Cloud systems do not suffer from congestion, network insecurity, threats of hacking or typical inefficiencies of most local systems. Users get efficient work, constantly improved algorithms, optimized services. Thanks to this, cloud services look for the most efficient routes to direct data traffic.

Companies using Cloud Services

The flexibility and price of cloud platforms have led to the widespread popularity of their use and implementation in their services. Here are a few companies that have implemented cloud-based solutions into their services.


Zoom, a cloud-based software platform facilitating audio and video conferencing, records and stores meetings in the cloud for users to access at their convenience, from any location. The Zoom Developer Platform allows teams to create apps and integrations, with notable clients such as Ally Financial, Dropbox, and the University of Miami benefiting from Zoom’s collaborative technology.


Slack serves as a team and company collaboration tool, offering channels for group messaging organized by individuals, teams, projects, or topics to enhance communication coherence. Beyond messaging, Slack provides video chatting and PDF file sharing, integrating seamlessly with other cloud services like Dropbox and Salesforce.


DigitalOcean’s app platform empowers product teams to deploy, manage, and scale websites and new products efficiently. Within the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, users can create multiple virtual machines in seconds, scaling based on data storage and incoming traffic. Notable clients like Cerebrus, Unicodemy, and DSRV have leveraged DigitalOcean’s platform for deploying and scaling their products.


IBM’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) servers, whether bare metal or virtual, enable swift deployment, taking minutes to a few hours depending on the cloud type. Bare metal servers, with a capacity of up to three terabytes, suit projects requiring robust performance, while virtual servers deploy rapidly, ideal for scalable and flexible projects.


PagerDuty, utilizing cloud and machine learning capabilities, aids businesses in proactively responding to and resolving incidents. Real-time incident monitoring, data collection, and task distribution among expert teams contribute to swift solutions. Post-incident resolution, teams can conduct analytics to enhance future responses.


AWS Lambda enables developers to run code for any application or backend service without the hassle of provisioning or managing servers. Following a pay-as-you-go model, AWS Lambda scales continuously with a business to adapt to real-time shifts in data storage and usage. Prominent companies across diverse industries, such as Toyota, Liberty Mutual Insurance, the Coca-Cola Company, and Siemens, leverage AWS Lambda, as stated on its website.


Are Cloud Services safe?
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Certainly. This is because a majority of prominent cloud service providers implement redundancy by duplicating your data multiple times and distributing it across various data centers.

What are 4 advantages of cloud services?
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Cloud infrastructures promote environmental responsibility by favoring virtual services over physical products and hardware. This approach reduces paper waste, enhances energy efficiency, and, by enabling employees to access services from anywhere with an internet connection, contributes to a decrease in commuter-related emissions.

How important is the cloud computing in data science?
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Utilizing the cloud enables you to store and process a greater volume of data compared to what may be feasible with an on-premises solution. Data science applications often yield optimal results with a larger dataset, but handling substantial data volumes on in-house systems can swiftly become costly and inefficient.


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Our industry knowledge and background give our clients and partners confidence that we understand their business. Here we highlighted a few top industries we are good at, penetrating to the smallest details and nuances of a certain branch.

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We deeply appreciate our partners for cooperation. Every member of the Amazinum Team does their best to provide the highest quality of services and solutions. We satisfy all your needs and requirements.

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Cloud Solutions:

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Amazinum Team assists you through all data science development processes:
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Vitaliy Fedorovych contact us photo

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Vitaliy Fedorovych

CEO, Data Scientist at Amazinum

Vitaliy Fedorovych contact us photo

Hello there!

Amazinum Team assists you through all data science development processes:
from data collection to valuable insights generation.
Get in touch with our CEO and Data Scientist to figure out the next move together

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